Pixie Dust: The End Reflection

I started writing Pixie Dust during NaNoWriMo 2018 and back then it was a very different love story. Originally it was written in Oisin’s point of view and followed him as he fell in love with a vampire named Nash. I wrote seven chapter’s of this version before I realized that it just wasn’t working. Not wanting to give up of the story I decided to go about it from a different angle and as a result, the shy-vampire Nash was put aside for the shy-human Riel in the current version. The story went from being Oisin struggling to come to terms with what it meant dating a nightwalker, to Riel struggling with being a human dating a member of the Elven community. The current version of the story is a great departure from the original idea and even though I personally am not particularly fond of this project, I much prefer the version it would become. 

My main issue with the book is how short it is and how little of the world is actually in it. The world has changed quite a bit since I started writing it that I honestly no longer Pixie Dust entirely canon in what I will call Fairytale AU. At the same time while writing it I was acutely aware that the story was primarily a romance, and with Riel being the main character I didn’t see much of a reason to include much, if any, magic. I wasn’t really in the mood to write a lot of action, but I also needed a break from the contemporary setting of my San Jaime universe, hence the Fairytale AU.

I’ve considered rewriting the story altogether and even though I have no plans on seeking further publication I don’t want to put it entirely off the table for my dream version to eventually become available on Wattpad. Please don’t get your hopes up though, I have a lot on my plate as it is right now. 

And even if I don’t revisit the story of Pixie Dust, trust there are still many stories to be told in the Fairytale AU. 

Now, I wouldn’t be surprised if I lot of people came over here to dear my opinion on the last couple of chapters. Well, all I can say is that it wasn’t meant to be. I honestly was a fan of Oisin and Riel, but as I wrote the story they, like many of my characters, veered off their written path. Like with life, it just wasn’t meant to be, but that doesn’t mean they couldn’t remain friends and find love elsewhere. Maybe, in some version of the story, it would be possible for them to stay together, but the way it was written today, it’s just not their fate.

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